Our mission

We want to make multiplayer game creation accessible to everyone.

Our aim is to maximize joy creation by empowering developers everywhere.

We believe

Multiplayer games are the best way to spend quality time online.

Gaming is a social good and offers egalitarian access to novelty and fun.

We are WorldQL

Drag me to rotate... it's fun!

Our product

We're building Dreamlab, the fastest way to build multiplayer games.

It features AI-powered asset generation and instant free server hosting.

Our products



Build, test, deploy, and host your multiplayer game.

Execute your vision fast with our AI-powered asset generation and TypeScript gameplay scripting.


WorldQL Server

Open-source 3D database and message broker for games.
Our first project and namesake.

It powered our prototype Minecraft scaling solution Mammoth.



1. What does WorldQL stand for?

"WorldQL" was originally a play on "SQL". When we were still working on our spatial database product, our name stood for World Query Language.

Today, it doesn't mean anything in particular. A fun backronym is World Quantization Labs. There are an infinite number of worlds that exist in the minds of people. We help turn those abstract ideas into bits and bytes. While this is similar to the process of quantization, it isn't a perfect usage of the word.

There aren't many words that start with Q! If you have a better ideas feel free to email us.

2. How can I get in touch?

Email us!