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Spatial database with game engine DNA

WorldQL is a spatial database and message broker built for real-time multiplayer games. It can integrate with existing game servers by allowing them to easily share information and horizontally scale. WorldQL can also replace traditional game servers and serve as an authoritative host.

It's also wicked fast. WorldQL's core is written in Rust and uses Google Flatbuffers1 for data serialization.

Zero management infrastructure

Focus on your game, not server administration. 1-click deploy your code to WorldQL's fully managed cloud.

We'll host your game for free with no player limits. You can also choose to self-host.

Available on all your platforms

WorldQL works with any platform that supports both ZeroMQ and Flatbuffers.
We're currently working to support more network transports including Websockets and UDP (for both reliable and unreliable data).

*Our developer experience on many of these platforms is not publicly available yet. If you want to use WorldQL for a new project, please join our Discord and tell us what you're working on!

Pay-as-you-grow pricing

WorldQL is free for your first $50k in gross revenue. Detailed pricing coming soon.

Build, deploy, and scale for free. We'll make sure your game stays online no matter how many players you bring in.

Only pay when you earn money on your game.

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