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Quickly build real-time multiplayer experiences and economies
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Games are art.

Keep your attention on creating amazing experiences, not building online services.

Our mission is to help game studios focus on creativity. We help companies generate more revenue by helping them ship faster, integrate new monetization routes, and reach a broader market.

Real-time spatial database

Save time and build more

Jumpstart your game development with:

  • Persistent, player-modifiable worlds
  • Proximity-based messaging
  • Easy-to-use player data storage API

WorldQL's message broker is perfect for peer-to-peer games or can integrate with authoritative servers.

Spatial database with game engine DNA

WorldQL is a spatial database and message broker built for multiplayer games of any genre. Store the state of your worlds, pass messages to clients based on area, and effortlessly scale to millions of players.

It's also wicked fast. WorldQL's core is written in Rust and natively supports Google Flatbuffers1 and msgpack for data serialization.

Build robust player economies

The fastest way to build a community around your game's economy

WorldQL's Economy API has everything you need to start enabling commerce among players.

  • Intuitive APIs for peer-to-peer trading: Give players a Steam-like experience for swapping tokens and items with a graphical trade interface
  • Tools for rewarding players: Implement loot drops, activity-based payouts, and more
  • Analytics: Track anything including volume, trade sizes, popular assets, and in-game inflation

Frictionless onboarding for everyone

Web3 technologies revolutionized digital asset ownership and enable games to offer composable and vibrant virtual economies.

WorldQL's Economy API makes virtual commerce frictionless for developers and players. Offer credit card payments and familiar login systems while reaping the benefits of a liquid, interconnected economy.

Zero management infrastructure

Focus on your game, not server administration. One-click deploy your code to WorldQL's fully managed cloud.

Available on all your platforms

WorldQL works with any platform and over a variety of protocols. We currently have support for ZeroMQ, WebSocket, reliable UDP*, and HTTP (for our RESTFUL APIs).

*Our developer experience on many of these platforms is not publicly available yet. If you want to use WorldQL for a new project, please join our Discord and tell us what you're working on!

Open core, pay as you grow

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